BASF Safety Days

"All of them. Safe. Together."

During the action week, employees can inform themselves, receive further training and exchange best practices. It was important to us during the conception that the employees get involved professionally and personally, network and exchange - and that everyone benefits in the end.

In 2021, we had already introduced a claim with "Uffbasse!", which was intended to convey the topic of safety in a relaxed way. The plan worked - the reactions were consistently positive and "Uffbasse!" has since become the hallmark of the Safety Days.

In 2022, we added - in keeping with the holistic, content-related focus -  the subtitle "Alle. Safe. Together." and made the motto the programme. After the Safety Days had been held digitally for the most part for two years, we again realised live events on site. In order to reach as many BASF employees as possible, decentralised offers were implemented. At various, well-frequented locations, they were able to obtain information on different topics at "kiosks" or try out safety-related activities.

Other highlights of the varied programme were certainly the live broadcast of the opening tour, during which Board member Melanie Maas-Brunner, among others, visited various stations, the presentation of the Sichermacher Team Award and the daily morning show "Spotlight".

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