"We don't do that sort of thing. It’s the wrong way to do it!" That was Jörn's clear "no" to DANNEMANN when they asked us to participate in a pitch for a promotional roadshow in 2007. The reaction of the decision-makers was surprising: "Then how would you do it?" We were invited for an interview. The end result is a lovely story which, from our point of view, reflects a best-practice example of how a brand should sustainably build a relationship with its markets.

At the beginning we conducted a brand workshop to work out what the brand should be at its innermost core, what it wants to be and what it stands for. On this basis, working closely and in trust-based cooperation with the decision-makers, we then developed a modular concept and a long-term strategy that would enable DANNEMANN to authentically and successfully enter into dialogue with its markets at any given time: By immersion in the "world of DANNEMANN" – which means not a boring promotion, but the real opportunity to experience the brand with all one's senses. Our actions were accompanied by a smart combination of offline and online communications provided by the client's Marketing. This is how viable relationships were built and are still being built up today between client, product and brand.

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