Experience Mobility

"We design mobility in Germany" – this is the great, exciting project that Deutsche Bahn has dedicated itself to. And thus began our shared journey in 2015, supporting passenger transport in this process of change. The idea for a series of events that would make exactly this change visible and tangible gave rise to the format "Experience Mobility": a multiplier event where the name says it all. Each year, the focus is on those services and products that have recently hit the market or will over the next few months.

In 2015, everything was about the experience on the train. Literally, because the ICE itself became an experience venue. During the ride participants were able to try out the new services and products live, personally ask the developers and experts questions and give feedback. A whole new form of interaction at eye level. For "Experience Mobility 2016" as well, the core content could be experienced live at the event venue during the ongoing rail operations. Thus, the stakeholders in the "future train station" Berlin Südkreuz were able to test and try out the many innovations live and in action.

In 2017, Deutsche Bahn achieved a milestone in its change process. For this reason, in addition to the current innovations, for the first time strategic topics with a time horizon of up to three years that Deutsche Bahn is working on were presented.

From year to year, the number of participants has steadily increased; there are now about 150 people participating. More than 50% of these are "repeat offenders".

"Experience Mobility" is a success for the initiators and a special project for us: DB is showing us a high level of acceptance and trust with regard to the content. This means we not only develop the event concept on an annual basis but are also highly involved in terms of content. The trust that has developed over the years of our cooperation forms the foundation for this project.

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