About us

The story so far: We have been connecting people, brands and markets since 1993. We launched initially as “pro event” with classic events. This quickly developed into creative and content-based live communication. And then the digital world came along and a rebrand was in order. Today we are known as ottomisu and cover the whole range of brand communication – primarily on live and digital channels. Because these are the only channels where interaction and dialogue are possible. No relationship has ever emerged from monologues.

In everything we do, we are driven by the desire to build sustainable relationships between brands and their markets. With the help of our creative, technical and organisational talents, communities are created that are shaped by real values and interests and are based on high mutual appreciation. This is what we mean by #connectivity. And yes, that’s always very individual and different every time. That's exactly why you can't buy anything "off the peg" from us.


We are valuable

The world of marketing is full of emotive mission statements and value manifestos. That's exactly what we didn't want. Nevertheless, many things are important to us in our cooperation. That’s why we defined our most important values in a holistic and democratic process involving the entire team. Not only the specific terms, but most importantly, the associations or definitions that go with them. What is written under each value is not simply copied from Wikipedia or some marketing jargon, but is a summary of what each of us individually associates with the respective value.


We understand respect to mean that we accept other opinions, views and achievements, and do not judge and evaluate them according to our own standards. We meet all people on an equal footing, see and treat them without prejudice, and leave room for their different needs. Respecting, upholding and adhering to agreements is another sign of respect for us. We respect everything – as long as it is not inhumane. That is where our respect ends.


We communicate clearly about requirements, expectations and consequences. In this way, we create the security for joint action among all those involved. We keep our word and trust each other.


Passion is our drive to do something really, really well. We put our hearts and souls into our work and are prepared to take risks. For us, passion means serious commitment out of conviction and is a prerequisite for joint success.


We understand the meaning and impact of a task and what we (collectively or as individuals) can contribute to it. In doing so, we never lose sight of the bigger picture – especially the sustainable and value-creating significance of our actions. We want to leave traces and not just dust.


Health is the most valuable thing we have. We make a conscious effort to respect and promote our own health and that of others so that everyone is in good shape physically, mentally and spiritually. Health is the cornerstone of our staff and resource planning. We know our own limits and those of our colleagues and do not go beyond them.

Team spirit

We’re all on the same page. We are committed to providing mutual support and ensuring that we always have an open ear and look out for one another. This includes great mutual trust and the desire of each and every individual to contribute and make a difference. Team spirit, for us, means being able to act and work as a team consistently.


We understand creativity as the clever combination of ideas, approaches and potential solutions. It is based on broad knowledge and thus leads to groundbreaking and meaningful results. We give ourselves the necessary freedom for a playful approach, try things out with curiosity, and enjoy creating and shaping new ideas and concepts. We have the courage to leave well-trodden paths, processes and thought patterns, and fight together for the best solution.


We treat our fellow human beings as equals. Their abilities and achievements are important and valuable to us. We show them this respect and give them visible and tangible recognition and trust in return and expect the same for ourselves.




For us, honesty is a form of sincerity. We have the courage to openly address positive and negative aspects, and practise a constructive and respectful feedback culture.


Meet the team

Isn't it nice to get a sneak preview beforehand? Not just in visual terms, but also in terms of personality. Move your mouse over the individual picture to get a brief overview of the individual team member and make your decision from there! Lots of fun! But of course you are welcome to get in touch with us directly. Click on the small social media symbols to contact the desired colleague.

Jörn Huber


Heart and soul entrepreneur, handball player, hands-on and in the thick of things, detail-oriented, master of Maxi (our agency dog), family man, proud ice cream machine owner

06221 - 73 902 - 10

Helge Thomas

Creative Director / Member of the Board

Idea collector, social media evangelist, proud autodidact, filmmaker, visionary, storyteller, morning person, SC Freiburg fan at heart

06221 - 73 902 - 25

Frank Bölzle

Director Strategy & Consulting / Member of the Board

Game inventor, fantasy master, night person, black coffee, chief strategist, Filofax, no appointments before 10 and an honest Pilsner in the evening

06221 - 73 902 - 16

Sven Rudeloff

Head of project directorship

Team scheduling master, Volvo for life, clean desk fan, argumentation luminary, golf club-in-the-entire-agency distributor, fit to steal horses

06221 - 73 902 - 37

Holger Weinmann

Senior Consultant

Idea tinkerer, solution finder, frequent reader and news junkie, 0711 lover, very proud papa, ex-volleyball player, coffee and sweets crazy

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Stefanie Dieterich

Senior Consultant (currently on parental leave)

Concept knitter, good-mood spreader, super listener, cake-obsessed, happy mummy, heart-and-mind maker, loves to be out and about in nature

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Iris Tödter

Senior Consultant

Dreamy analyst - or analytical dreamer, coffee first, detail and trivia important finder, globetrotter, self-proclaimed chaotic, culinarian, endlessly curious, the greatest thing: a good conversation

06221 - 73 902 - 11

Michaela Sulz

Senior Consultant

As a mother of daughters ("Mum, you're embarrassing") and a convinced train rider, tough as nails, birdwatcher with a preference for human, weird birds, not petty - but with an allergy to forgotten punctuation marks, always hungry

06221 - 73 902 - 15

Jan-Peter Oppenheimer

Head of Digital

Digital innovator, creative on the net, always has to try out new tools, UX / UI expert, constantly on the move, permanently injured basketball player, in the thick of things instead of just being there

06221 - 73 902 - 14

Rainer Streibel

Senior Project Manager

Passionate eventer with heart and mind, Cape Town or Barcelona - the main thing is Italy, white wine fanatic, baking is not cooking advocate, "After double checking it is not possible" allergy sufferer

06221 - 73 902 - 33

Manuela Buhre

Senior Project Manager

Implementation perfectionist, Coca-Cola addict, mum of twins, never unpunctual, avid Tatort watcher, first-time-excel-setter

06221 - 73 902 - 13

Jan-Michael Koch

Senior Production Manager / Expert Event Production

CAD plan expert, enthusiastic fruit tea drinker, internal IT consultant, 'Pälzer Bu', passionate photographer, doesn't bite, actually just wants to play ...

06221 - 73 902 - 68

Sebastian Schmitt

Head of Live-Operations / Expert Digital Technologies

Always a haven of peace, lifelong boy scout, Excel genius, headset-through-the-hallway pilgrim, creative hobby cook, management manager

06221 - 73 902 - 17

Christine Tisken

Senior Production Manager

Masterful project juggler, employee number 1, girl mum, eagle eye for every little detail, green decorating thumb

06221 - 73 902 - 21

Hanna Alene

Project Manager

Key-seeker, dancing stress away, people-connector, detail-seeker, problem-solver, no-parking-with-music-proficient

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Franzi Rudolph

Senior Project Manager

tireless organiser, lives for handball, dog mum, ski instructor for ski instructors, perfectionist, coriander-and-cumin-phobic

06221 - 73 902 - 43

Elena Jung

Junior Project Manager (currently on parental leave)

Multitasking professional, always a smile on her lips, passionate saxophonist, self-confessed Frank Sinatra fan, can be bribed with Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake)

06221 - 73 902 - 31

Anna von Wehren

Project Manager

Good mood, spaghetti vongole, dream car: Mercedes W123, tomato salad is always good, motto: Aufi Baufi, likes to stay until the lights come on

06221 - 73 902 - 70

Mercedes Köster

Assistant Business Development

reigning fast-talking champion, analogue note-taker, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, cleans up to relax

06221 - 73 902 - 44

Fabienne Legron

Junior Project Manager

Citrus-opponent, hot chocolate-lover, rain-allergic, always up for sweets, baker's kid, bakery tester, keen to travel, Crete-lover, Greek beginner, tidiness freak

06221 - 73 902 - 48

Sina Penzold

Junior Project Manager

Coffee lover, Persian rice cooker fan, Tuscany holidaymaker, Pink lover, Slob, Always summer please, Spanish fan, Online shopping addict

06221 - 73 902 - 47

Ann-Marie Falk

Art Director

Source of inspiration, flea market stroller, all-beauty maker, practically married to music, coffee nerd, immediately enthusiastic about crazy ideas

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Christina Hof

Graphic Designer

Cat lover, InDesign magician, IKEA shelf screwdriver, incapable of life without chocolate, indispensable pixel fairy

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Romina Parejo Ramón


Creative organisational queen, not at a loss for words, deep sea diver, word artist, whisky instead of prosecco, not herself when she is hungry

06221 - 73 902 - 52

Lia Kessler

Senior Consultant

Curious organiser, cook instead of yoga, every-outfit-with-a-knit-jacket-ruiner, empathetic fellow friend, compatibility pro, runs a well-functioning Twitter account with dubious humour

06221 - 73 902 - 81

Birgit Huber

Marketing Manager

Reliability expert, latte lover, never without a good mood, family-job-and-maxi-juggler, budding InDesign specialist, at home in the mountains

06221 - 73 902 - 22

Sandra Bialinski

Assistance to the CEO

Organisation fairy, process fan, passionate web designer and entrepreneur, self-confessed Ruhrpottpflanze, with-your-household-appliances spokesperson, motorbike and camping enthusiast, fast-typing Crazy Cat Lady

06221 - 73 902 - 12

Nadja Charfeddine

Head of Backoffice

Herrin der Buchhaltung, stolze Mama, euphorische Juke-Besitzerin, Teamkümmererin, nicht aus dem Konzept zu bringende Multitaskteurin

06221 - 73 902 - 30

Kamila Bauer

Assistant to Head of Backoffice

Freelance organiser, full-blooded Brazilian, flees from insects, Photoshop expert, family person

06221 - 73 902 - 34

Melanie Neidig

Assistant Accounting

zweifache Mädels- und dreifache Katzenmama, leidenschaftliche Köchin, reiselustig, Frischluftfanatikerin, Yoga-Queen

06221 - 73 902 - 30

Mario Baugut

Head of Store

Produktionscase-wie-Tetrissteine-Verstauer, gebürtiger Oberfranke, Profi-Stapelfahrer, Moin-statt-Guten-Morgen-Sager, Supertänzer, nur der FC Köln

06221 - 73 902 - 61

David Ali Ungan


Positives-Karma-Verbreiter, selten ohne Kamera unterwegs, stolzer Männer-Dutt-Träger, verrückt nach Club-Mate, angehender Wing-Tzun-Meister

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Florence Diedert

Interior Architect

Weltenbauerin, Träumerin, bekennende Hessin, Chamäleon, passionierte Leserin, Reisende, Zeichnende, Fahrradfahrerin, Freigeist, Freundin

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Ralf Buron

Theatre Director

Schlagzeuger, Komponist, Videokünstler, Großbühnen-Inszenator, Exil-Berliner im Schwarzwald, Motorradfahrer, Helge’s Lieblings-Diva

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Uli Piesch

Senior Consultant

Kommunikationsallzweckwaffe, Kanban-Fan, „Geht nicht“ gibt’s nicht, detailverliebte Macherin, IT-Versteherin, fußballverrückte Tochter-Ehefrau-Doppelmom, Hobby-Heimwerkerin-DIY-Queen

06221 – 73902-0


Klischee Agenturhund

Kühlschranktür-Spalier-Steherin, Tennisballverrückt, Papas Liebling, Seelentrösterin, Wehwehchen-Dramaqueen, Schlafposenakrobatin


Beyond business

If you really want to get to know a company, it's often worth taking a look at what's not at the top of the website. A look behind the scenes of the glossy projects and promotional self-portrayal. Following recent feedback from applicants hinting that more of an effort should be made to show what makes us tick and what it's like to work for and with us, we decided to give these insights a place here. Here are three of our favourite stories. We’ll tell you more in person.


Taking a stand for climate change

On 20 September 2019, the #FridaysForFuture organisation urged people of all ages from all around the world to take to the streets with the students and show that they too will not stand idly by when the future of all of us is at stake. And we didn’t disappoint. We tell the whole story in our magazine.

A merry different xmas

Instead of giving presents to our clients and partners at Christmas, in 2015 we decided to give joy to a few little people who at the time had little reason to be happy. Many of us are committed to helping other people. Here we did it together as a team.

Our first BarCamp

As the company repositioned itself in 2018, we also repeatedly put our working methods to the test. After our sabbatical, in order to work together with all our colleagues on topics that are really relevant to everyone, we decided to use the BarCamp method and do a bit of filming in the process.


Who we work with

We also believe in the power of real relationships with our strategic partners. Continuity and consistency are features of our projects, depending on who is available “from the network” at the time. Our “relationships” have grown over the years and matured in many joint projects. We understand what each party brings to the table and we value and trust each other.

From a purely technical point of view, our partners have exactly the skills needed to work for our customers holistically and successfully in the sense of connectivity. From the analytical and strategic preparation of content to professional film productions, creative planning and editing in social networks to digital programming and realisation.


Digital Agency | Weinheim

What our partners at cortona love the most is doing things nobody has ever done before. Whether digital services, mobile solutions or complex platforms. And, in turn, we love them for that.




Film production | Mannheim

Moving pictures are always emotive and it’s impossible to imagine brand communication today without them. We work with these professionals on scripts, lighting, sound, camera and editing.


unity concepts

Marketing & Market Research | Heidelberg

To communicate content, you have to understand and prepare it. We are very fortunate to work with people who have both long-standing and highly empathetic expertise in this area.


Creative Agency | Heidelberg

The “creative minds” of our choice when it comes to (advertising) campaigns, visual brand identity and digital touchpoints.