About us

Our heart is beating fast! This is especially true when our job is to showcase brands effectively and to stage it with emotions. We skip the spark that brings people into exchange and ensure that impulses and messages spread quickly and accurately. Events custom-made by ottomisu don't just excite visitors, they take them on a trip! Being willing to think outside the box, act pragmatically and always give 100%, we have been successfully implementing events for 30 years - whether live, digital or hybrid!

For us, events are more than just an effective communication tool. For ottomisu, they are the ideal setting for extraordinary experiences! Here, participants network with each other and connect with you and your brand. For us, events are places where communities arise and participants become fans.

Connecting people, brands & markets.

This is what we call connectivity. And that is what we stand for!

What our customers say about us

I have rarely encountered the passion for live communication as you live it.

Félix Albarrán, Senior Marketing Communications Manager elipsLife

With incredible professionalism, you ensured that the event could be realised as planned. Despite many external hurdles.

Birte Büchsenstein, Director Asset Management, Hines Germany

You manage to create THESE moments and this very special atmosphere that will be remembered for many years to come.

Rouven Morato, Managing Director SAP Signavio

We have created great concepts and developed fantastic formats. You've always been a very likeable team. It's great that you've lasted so long.

Birgit Hartl, Marketing SAP

I have rarely encountered the passion for live communication as you live it.

Félix Albarrán, Senior Marketing Communications Manager elipsLife

With incredible professionalism, you ensured that the event could be realised as planned. Despite many external hurdles.

Birte Büchsenstein, Director Asset Management, Hines Germany

You manage to create THESE moments and this very special atmosphere that will be remembered for many years to come.

Rouven Morato, Managing Director SAP Signavio

We have created great concepts and developed fantastic formats. You've always been a very likeable team. It's great that you've lasted so long.

Birgit Hartl, Marketing SAP

This is what we look like

It's nice to be able to get a picture before then. Not only visually, but also by how each of us ticks. If you move your mouse over the pictures, you get a first impression of us and can decide, who should be your sweetheart. Fun! But you can also contact us directly. The small icons reveal who can be found on which social networks.

Jörn Huber


Passionate entrepreneur, handball player, hands-on and in the thick of things, detail-orientated, Dog daddy of Maxi and Sadie, family man, proud ice cream machine owner

06221 - 73 902 - 10


Frank Bölzle

Director Strategy & Consulting / Member of the Board

Game inventor, fantasy master, night person, black coffee, chief strategist, Filofax, no appointments before 10 and an honest pilsner in the evening

06221 - 73 902 - 16


Sven Rudeloff

Director operations and Head of project directorship / Member of the Board

eam scheduling master, Volvo for life, clean desk fan, argumentation luminary, golf club-in-the-whole-agency-distributor, suitable for stealing horses

06221 - 73 902 - 37


Sebastian Schmitt

Senior Project Director / Expert Digital Technologies (sabbatical)

always-the-peace-of-my-own-path hobbyist, lifelong scout, Excel genius, headset-through-the-floor pilgrim, creative hobby cook, management manager

06221 - 73 902 - 17


Holger Weinmann

Senior Consultant

Idea inventor, solution finder, frequent reader and news junkie, 0711 lover, very proud dad, ex-volleyball player, coffee and sweets fanatic

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Iris Tödter

Senior Consultant

Dreamy analyst - or analytical dreamer?, coffee first, detail and trifle finder, globetrotter, self-proclaimed chaotic, culinarian, endlessly curious, the greatest thing: a good conversation

06221 - 73 902 - 11


Stefanie Dieterich

Client Relations

Concept knitter, good-mood spreader, super listener, cake-lover, happy mum, heart-and-mind maker, loves to be out in nature

06221 - 73 902 - 40


Anita Wan


Thinks best when writing or drawing, occasional gamer, hot-pot lover, cartoon and animation enthusiast, favourite song-on-loop listener, dog lover, star sign Pisces

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Ann-Kathrin Kramer

Junior Consultant

Talkative creative mind, lover of spontaneity, in her own world when drawing and listening to music, always up for an adventure, lively dreamer, Marvel enthusiast, avid comic and manga consumer, has a well-known namesake

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Beke Alberring

Junior Consultant

Moin, strategist with a creative streak, full-time handball player & part-time hairdresser for braided hairstyles, Red-Bull & Friends addicted, village child, organisation level: folder structure on Spotify, all or nothing, Tuesday is Trash TV Day

06221 - 73 902 - 12


Jan-Michael Koch

Head of Event Production

AD planning expert, enthusiastic fruit tea drinker, internal IT consultant, 'Pälzer Bu', passionate photographer, doesn't bite, actually just wants to play ...

06221 - 73 902 - 68


Christine Tisken

Senior Production Manager

Master project juggler, longest employee, mum to girls, eagle eye for every little detail, green decorating thumb

06221 - 73 902 - 21


Ole Buers

Production Manager

All-rounder, solution seeker, Ruhrpottler, Fritz-Kola-Karamell coffee fan, fond of office gadgets, likes to be out and about, a keen sportsman, likes to use Austrian idioms

06221 - 73 902 - 23


Elena Jung

Production Manager

Multitasking professional, always with a smile on her face, passionate saxophonist, self-confessed Frank Sinatra fan, can be bribed with Black Forest gateau

06221 - 73 902 - 31


Franzi Rudolph

Head of Event Management & Solutions

Tireless organisational talent, lives for handball, dog mum, ski instructor for ski instructors, perfectionist, coriander and caraway phobic

06221 - 73 902 - 43


Manuela Buhre

Senior Project Manager

Implementation perfectionist, Coca-Cola addict, mum of twins, never unpunctual, avid Tatort watcher, first-time Excel compiler

06221 - 73 902 - 13


Victoria Sylla

Senior Project Manager

Skincare addict, true crime addict, self-confessed KUWK watcher, boxer, hobby cook - also happy to cook for several people, bad at idioms/proverbs

06221 - 73 902 - 14


Leonie Maier

Senior Project Manager

*inside, heart collector, reliable perfectionist, Katjes-jes-jes-jes, works best with sun & 20°+, but in winter team snowboard + metre-high snow mountains, always wanderlust, never without R E S P E C T, friend-type, ex-footballer, logic & consistency - that's me, but also as Ozzy Osbourne said: I'm just a dreamer

06221 - 73 902 - 18


Fabienne Legron

Project Manager

Citrus hater, hot chocolate lover, allergic to rain, always up for sweets, baker's child, baked goods critic, loves travelling, in love with Crete, Greek beginner, neat freak

06221 - 73 902 - 48


Sina Penzold

Project Manager

Coffee lover, Persian rice cooker fan, Tuscany holidaymaker, Pink lover, Chaotic, Always summer please, Spanish fan, Online shopping addict

06221 - 73 902 - 47


Ayleen Steuerwald

Junior Project Manager

Bookworm, Potterhead, musician, huge sock collection, theatre kid, passionate festival goer, Christmas officially starts on 01.11, Disney films always work, Sunday crime scene with a good glass of wine on the sofa, personal holiday and leisure planner with friends and family

06221 - 73 902 - 64


Elly Methner

Project Assistant

The early bird catches the worm, footballer, mum for everything, loves travelling - preferably Scandinavia, puzzles instead of watching series, always on the go, reliability personified, prefers to be early rather than late, organisation fan - (almost) always has a plan, hobby baker

06221 - 73 902 - 27


Claudia Uliczka

Project Assistant

Ball is life, thriller fan, worse is always possible, easy to inspire, optimist, pistachio ice cream connoisseur, love of cycling

06221 - 73 902 - 57


Sanda Thomas

HR Manager

People-listener-questioner-understander, prefers offline to online, family person, book lover and prefers to be in the garden with her hands deep in the soil

06221 - 73 902 - 26


Birgit Huber

Marketing Manager

Reliability expert, latte lover, never without a good mood, family-job-and-maxi/sadie juggler, at home in the mountains

06221 - 73 902 - 22


Sebastian Brödner

Graphic Designer (external)

Creative machine and all-rounder, musician, super dad, Bob the Builder, calming influence, hobby philosopher

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Christina Hof

Graphic Designer (external)

Cat-lover, InDesign magician, IKEA shelf-scraper, incapable of living without chocolate, indispensable pixel fairy

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Nadja Neumann

Head of Backoffice

HerMistress of the accounts, proud mum, euphoric juke owner, team carer, multitasker who can't be put off her stride

06221 - 73 902 - 30


Kamila Bauer

Senior Backoffice Manager (parental leave)

Freelance organisational talent, full-blooded Brazilian, pre-insect escape artist, Photoshop expert, family man

06221 - 73 902 - 34


Melodi Özdemir

Junior Office Manager

humorous-can-laugh-about-herself-person, always ready to listen, allergic to sports, cat lover, likes to swap cooking spoons for drills, series addict, thought-on-paper bringer, hobby photographer, passionate Bollywood fan

06221 - 73 902 - 15


Elif Öztürk

Backoffice Assistent

Loves to listen to people, likes to be helpful, more often in the gym than at home, loves to cook delicious food and then eat it, can get into any music, football freak, crime/comedy series lover

06221 - 73 902 - 24


Mario Baugut

Head of Store

Production-case-like-Tetris-stone-destroyer, native of Upper Franconia, professional stacking driver, Moin-instead-of-good-morning-sayer, super dancer, only FC Köln

06221 - 73 902 - 61


Ronnie Bonn

Leitung Veranstaltungs- und Medientechnik (external)

Technology tinkerer, gourmet, emigrant, silent connoisseur and walking encyclopaedia of technology

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Rebecca Becher

Senior Project Manager (external)

Always on the go, never-quiet-sitter, foodie, kitchen experimenter, Hong Kong lover, 3-5 hour sleeper, at home everywhere

0176/20 10 79 00


David Ali Ungan

Motion-Designer (external)

Positive karma spreader, rarely travelling without a camera, proud man bun wearer, crazy about club mate, budding Wing-Tzun master

06221 - 73 902 - 0


Florence Diedert

Interior Architect (external)

Weltenbauerin, Träumerin, bekennende Hessin, Chamäleon, passionierte Leserin, Reisende, Zeichnende, Fahrradfahrerin, Freigeist, Freundin

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0


Ralf Buron

Theatre Director (external)

Drummer, composer, video artist, stage director, exiled Berliner in the Black Forest, motorbike rider

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0


Uli Piesch

Senior Consultant (external)

Communication all-purpose weapon, Kanban fan, "can't do", detail-loving doer, IT savvy, football-mad daughter-wife-double mum, DIY hobbyist-DIY queen

06221 – 73902-0



Klischee Agenturhündin

KFridge door stalwart, tennis ball crazy, dad's favourite, soul comforter, drama queen of aches and pains, sleeping pose acrobat, boss dog

We're valuable

The world of marketing is full of striking models and value manifests. That is precisely what we do not want, although there are many things that are important to us in terms of cooperation. That is why our entire team has clearly defined its most important values in a holistic and democratic process.  For us, this is much more than just terminology. We do not define values based on wiki quotes or quotes from the marketing manual. We are interested in describing and expressing true values, which each of us connects with them individually.


By respect we mean to accept other opinions, views and achievements, and not to value or evaluate them according to our own standards. We meet all people on equal terms, see and treat them without prejudice and leave room for their different needs. Respect, respect and honour agreements - this is also a sign of respect for us. We respect everything and everyone - provided that human dignity is always respected.


We communicate clearly regarding requirements, expectations and impacts. In this way, we create security for joint action by all parties involved. We keep our word and trust each other.


Passion is our drive to do things really well. We are wholeheartedly committed to this and we are always prepared to take a risk. For us, passion is synonymous with serious commitment out of conviction and, at the same time, the prerequisite for our common success.


We understand the meaning and effect of a task and know what we can contribute (together or individually) to the success. We always keep an eye on the big picture - and especially on the sustainable, added-value-adding significance of our actions. We leave traces and not just dust!


Our health is the most valuable thing we have. We consciously respect and promote our health and that of others so that everyone is physically, psychologically and mentally well. Health is a cornerstone of our personnel and resource planning. We know our own limits and those of our colleagues and do not go beyond them.

Team spirit

We all pull together. Mutual support is just as important to us as paying attention to one another and always having an open ear for one another. This includes great mutual trust and the desire of each and every individual to get involved and contribute. By team spirit we mean to enable each other time and again to be able to really perform as a team.


By creativity we mean a clever combination of ideas, approaches and possible solutions. It is based on broad knowledge and leads to groundbreaking and meaningful results. We give ourselves the necessary space for a playful approach, try things out curiously and have pleasure in creating and designing new things. We have the courage to leave the rutted paths, processes and thought patterns behind and fight together for the best solution.


We treat all of our fellow human beings equally. Your skills and achievements are important and valuable to us. We show them this, and therefore give them visible and tangible recognition and trust, and conversely expect the same for us.


For us, honesty is a form of sincerity. We have the courage to speak openly about positive and negative things and live a constructive and respectful feedback culture.


As part of a consumption-intensive industry, we feel a responsibility to help shape a future worth living in a sustainable and active manner and to conserve resources. From our point of view, social, ecological and economic action are mutually dependent and sustainability can only function holistically in accordance with the three dimensions.

Who we work with

We also believe in the power of real relationships among our strategic partners. There is no constant change in the projects depending on who is currently available "from the network". Our "relations" with each other have grown for years and matured in many joint projects. We know what we have in each other, we appreciate and trust each other.

Our partners possess the exact competencies required for connectivity in order to work holistically and successfully for our customers. From the analytical and strategic preparation of the content to professional film production, creative planning and social media editing to digital programming and realization.


Digitalagentur | Weinheim

Was die Menschen bei cortona besonders lieben, sind Dinge, die noch nie jemand gemacht hat. Egal ob digitale Services, mobile Lösungen oder komplexe Plattformen. Dafür wiederum lieben wir sie.




Filmproduktion | Mannheim

Bewegte Bilder sind immer auch bewegende Bilder und aus der Markenkommunikation heute nicht mehr wegzudenken. Bei Drehbüchern, Licht, Ton, Kamera und Schnitt arbeiten wir mit diesen Profis.


unity concepts

Marketing & Marktforschung | Heidelberg

Um Content zu kommunizieren, muss man ihn verstehen und aufbereiten. Wir sind sehr glücklich, mit Menschen zu arbeiten, die hierfür eine ebenso langjährige wie hoch empathische Expertise besitzen.


Kreativagentur | Heidelberg

DieKreativen“ unserer Wahl, wenn’s um (Werbe-)Kampagnen, visuelle Markenidentität und digitale Touchpoints geht.