Connecting people, brands and markets

Wherever people encounter each other, there always is communication. People communicate with each other and thus connect. They share about their interests and convictions. It is the values people have in common that not only connect them but also form the basis for real relationships.

In the future, companies will need to re-establish a genuine connection with their markets to be truly successful. We enable companies to successfully build sustainable relationships with the people in their markets – on a foundation of relevance, empathy, common values and interests. This is our understanding of brand communication.


people make the difference

This has been our advertising claim for a long time – still today it is a credo lived out by the entire team. But it doesn't mean that we are the only ones making the difference. We may sometimes be a bit crazier and braver, daring to say no from time to time. And then again, to say yes to new ideas and perspectives.

It means we simply enjoy doing things differently – never overestimating our own importance but always seeing ourselves as part of the bigger picture. We operate in a large network with wonderful people and partners. Friendly, appreciative, respectful, trust-based relationships. For us, it's about all people, about every person. This is the only way we want to work. The only way we can work. With our clients as with our partners.

Jörn Huber


Entrepreneur with heart and soul, handball player, hands-on and always involved, detail lover, Maxi’s master, family guy, proud owner of an ice cream maker

06221 - 73 902 - 10

Helge Thomas

Creative Director/ Member of the Board

Idea collector, social media evangelist, filmmaker, visionary, storyteller, not a morning person, whole-hearted SC Freiburg fan

06221 - 73 902 - 25

Frank Bölzle

Director Strategy & Consulting / Member of the Board

Game inventor, fantasy master, night owl, black coffee, chief strategist, filofax, no appointments before 10am, an honest beer in the evening

06221 - 73 902 - 16

Sandra Bialinski

Assistance to the CEO

Organization fairy, process fan, passionate web designer and entrepreneur, self-confessed Ruhrpottpflanze, with-your-household-appliances spokeswoman, motorcycle and camping enthusiast, fast-typing Crazy Cat Lady

06221 - 73 902 - 12

Sven Rudeloff

Head of project directorship

Team organization planning master, Volvo-for-life, clean-desk fan, expert at arguing, distributor of golf clubs throughout the agency, eligible for stealing horses

06221 - 73 902 - 37

Holger Weinmann

Senior Consultant

Idea tinkerer, solution finder, book worm and news junkie, 0711 lover, very proud dad, ex-volleyball player, crazy for coffee and candy

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Stefanie Dieterich

Senior Consultant (parental leave)

Knitter of concepts, spreader of good moods, great listener, very fond of cake, happy mommy, does everything with heart and soul, preferably out and about in nature

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Iris Tödter

Senior Consultant

Dreamy analyst - or analytical dreamer, coffee first, emphasizes details and small things, globetrotter, calls herself chaotic, culinarian, forever nosy, the greatest thing: a meaningful conversation

06221 - 73 902 - 11

Jan-Peter Oppenheimer

Senior Consultant

Digital innovator, web-creative, always seeking for new great tools, UX / UI expert, always on the run, basketball-addicted but permanently injured

06221 - 73 902 - 14

Rainer Streibel

Senior Project Manager

passionate event organizer with heart and mind, Cape Town or Barcelona - the main thing is Italy, white wine fanatic, baking is not cooking advocate, "After double checking it is not possible"-allergy sufferer

06221 - 73 902 - 33

Manuela Buhre

Senior Project Manager

Implementation perfectionist, Coca-Cola addict, mama of twins, always on-time, enthusiastic TV crime series watcher, always eager to first create an Excel spreadsheet

06221 - 73 902 - 13

Jan-Michael Koch

Senior Production Manager / Expert Event Production

CAD plan expert, avid fruit tea drinker, internal IT advisory authority, Palatinate native, passionate photographer, doesn't bite – just wants to play

06221 - 73 902 - 68

Sebastian Schmitt

Head of Live-Operations / Expert Digital Technologies

Always zen, boy scout for life, Excel genius, pilgrim with headset navigating the corridors, creative amateur cook, management manager

06221 - 73 902 - 17

Christine Tisken

Senior Production Manager

Masterful project juggler, longest-term employee, girls’ mama, eagle eye for even the smallest detail, green thumb for decoration

06221 - 73 902 - 21

Hanna Alene

Project Manager

Constantly looking for her keys, dances away stress, connects people, sees through details, problem solver, unable to park with music on

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Franzi Rudolph

Senior Project Manager

Relentless gift for organization, lives for handball, mama to a dog, ski instructor for ski instructors, perfectionist, fear of coriander and cumin

06221 - 73 902 - 43

Elena Jung

Junior Project Manager (parental leave)

Multitasking professional, never without a smile, passionate saxophonist, committed Frank Sinatra fan, can be bribed with Black Forest cake

06221 - 73 902 - 31

Anna von Wehren

Project Manager

good vibes only, Spaghetti Vongole, dream car: Mercedes W123, Tomato-salad? Always!, motto: Aufi Baufi, stays till the lights come on

06221 - 73 902 - 70

Mercedes Köster

Project Assistant

Writer of to do lists, falls asleep watching movies, current champion in talking way too fast, loves details, cleans up to relax

06221 - 73 902 - 44

Fabienne Legron

Junior Project Manager

Citrus hater, hot chocolate lover, allergic to rain, sweet tooth, child of a baker, pastry critic, fond of traveling, in love with Crete, Greek novice, neat freak

06221 - 73 902 - 48

Sina Penzold

Junior Project Manager

Coffee lover, Persian rice stove fan, Tuscany vacationer, Pink lover, Messy, Always summer please, Spanish fan, Online shopping addict

06221 - 73 902 - 47

Ann-Marie Falk

Art Director

Inspiration source, stroller through flea markets, makes everything lovely, basically married to music, coffee nerd, immediately enthusiastic for crazy ideas, boys`mama

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Christina Hof

Graphic Designer

Cat lover, InDesign magician, IKEA shelf screw expert, unable to survive without chocolate, indispensable pixel fairy

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Romina Parejo Ramon


Creative organization Queen, never at a loss for words, deep sea diver, word artist, whiskey instead of prosecco, not herself when she’s hungry

06221 - 73 902 - 52

Lia Gänzler

Senior Consultant

Inquisitive organizational talent, likes cooking instead of yoga, ruins every outfit with cardigans, empathetic cheerleader, professional arranger, runs a thriving Twitter account with dubious humor

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Birgit Huber

Marketing Manager

Reliability expert, latte lover, never without a good mood, family-job-Maxi juggler, aspiring InDesign specialist, at home in the mountains

06221 - 73 902 - 22

Nadja Charfeddine

Head of Backoffice

Master of accounting, proud mama, euphoric Nissan Juke owner, team caregiver, not-to-be-flustered multitasker

06221 - 73 902 - 30

Kamila Bauer

Assistant to Head of Backoffice

Freelance organization talent, full-blooded Brazilian, always ready to flee from insects, Photoshop expert, family person

06221 - 73 902 - 34

Melanie Neidig

Assistant Accounting

mother of two girls and three cats, avid cook, fond of traveling, loves the outdoor, yoga queen

06221 - 73 902 - 30

Mario Baugut

Head of Store

Stows away production cases like Tetris tiles, Upper Franconian by birth, professional forklift driver, “Moin” instead of “Good morning”, great dancer, only FC Köln

06221 - 73 902 - 61

David Ali Ungan

Motion Designer

Spreads positive karma, rarely out without a camera, proud wearer of a men's bun, crazy about Club-Mate, aspiring Wing Chun master

06221 - 73 902 - 0

Florence Diedert

Interior Architect

Builder of worlds, dreamer, avowed Hessian, chameleon, passionate reader, traveller, drawer, bicyclist, freethinker, friend

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Ralf Buron

Theatre Director

Drummer, composer, video artist, stage manager, staging actor, ex-berliner now found peace in the Black Forest, motorcyclist, Helge's favorite diva

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0

Uli Piesch

Senior Consultant

Communication specialist , Kanban fan, „No is never an answer“, perfectionist, IT-Expert, soccer enthusiastic and therefore dream-wife and double mom, home improvement DIY-Queen

06221 - 7 39 02 - 0


Cliché agency dog

Refrigerator guard dog, nuts about tennis balls, Daddy's favourite, comforter of souls, drama queen for ouchies, acrobat in sleeping poses