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We can also do things differently

If you really want to get to know a company, it's often worth taking a look at what's not at the top of the website. A look behind the scenes of glossy projects and promotional self-promotion. When we recently learnt from applicants that they would have liked to see more of what makes us tick and what it feels like to work for and with us, we decided to give these insights a place here. Here are three of our favourite stories. We'll tell you more in person.

All for the climate

On 20 September 2019, the organisation #FridaysForFuture wanted people of all ages around the world to take to the streets with schoolchildren to show that they too will not stand idly by while our future is at stake. We tell the whole story in the magazine.

Presents for children

Instead of giving our customers and partners presents at Christmas, in 2015 we decided to make a few little people happy who really had little reason to be happy at the time. Many of us are committed to helping other people. Here we did it together as a team.

When we did a barcamp

In the course of our repositioning, we have also repeatedly scrutinised our working methods. In order to work together with all colleagues on topics that are really relevant for everyone after our sabbatical, we decided to use the barcamp method, among other things, and filmed a bit.