Internationales Deutsches Turnfest

Opening ceremony

The world's largest popular sporting event was planned to take place in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region for the first time ever. And we were commissioned to stage the opening ceremony. Our team was very excited, but we were also filled with great respect. This project would require a highest level of production work and perfectly timed project management. Our job was to develop a coherent overall concept for "Life in Motion": it was supposed to take place at the Mannheim landmark (the water tower) and at the same time also respectfully integrate the many decentralized venues.

With determination, we faced the obstacle course of the landmarked water tower, artistic standards, official requirements, high numbers of participants and visitors in the public space and the integration into a coherent overall concept.

On schedule, we mastered all the challenges by the beginning of the opening ceremony.

The parade of participants carried the sports enthusiasm into the city. Large LED screens, mounted on the water tower, displayed the 22 venues welcoming the athletes via video communication. When the parade finally arrived at the water tower, the participants danced together to "La Gym", a song specially composed for the gymnastics festival. The dynamics of the parade segued seamlessly to the ensuing opening show. The specially customized stage artfully incorporated the park fountain while actors stepping into the light and the magic of the event cast its spell on the spectators.

Throughout the 6-day gymnastics festival, the large banner covered the Mannheim water tower and thus turned it into the Gymnastics Festival tower – symbolic of the unity of the region and the shared connection to the Gymnastics Festival. Still today we remember the goose-bump moments and how the festival enchanted us with its extraordinary team spirit.

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