Heidelberg Materials

Live event for the brand launch

We were able to accompany an exciting internal campaign for the introduction of a new brand, right up to the launch event, in terms of concept, content and organisation, practically on our doorstep. On 20 September 2022, HeidelbergCement became Heidelberg Materials. Under the motto "Hello future - Let's build the future together", the company ceremoniously unveiled its new brand identity in front of 700 invited employees at the Heidelberg headquarters.

The aim was to give the old corporate brand "HeidelbergCement" a fitting farewell and to make "Heidelberg Materials" a brand of the future that can be felt and experienced. In other words, to create a real brand experience - and to surprise the employees with it.

During the pre-launch phase in the summer, they were made curious by teaser e-mails, the event invitation, a personal video message from the CEO, Dr. Dominik von Achten, and snippets in the head office that hinted at the new design. The highlight was then the launch event: entirely under the sign of the "future", a uniquely futuristic atmosphere was created. The unveiling of the new brand identity was staged by numerous synchronised light and sound installations as well as 3D projections on gigantic LED walls and columns cast from white concrete, making it a rousing event for the employees.

We are proud that HeidelbergCement, or now Heidelberg Materials, has relied on our expertise for over 15 years and that we were also able to provide support for this milestone in the company's history within the framework of the entire conception, rebranding process, event planning and implementation, as well as content creation and communication campaigns.