Knowledge makes you hungry

At the beginning of 2016, it was planned to celebrate the official opening of a very exceptional building complex in Heidelberg was supposed to celebrate its official grand opening: the Mathematikon. With room for retail businesses and restaurants as well as for innovative office and laboratory space. As the name suggests, mathematics was not only the namesake but also the inspiration for the design of the various room elements. Our task was to make the idea of mathematics and science flow into the opening day concept.

With the advertising claim “Knowledge makes you hungry”, the opening day campaign launched with the key visual of a binary apple created by the mathematical research project IMAGINARY. At the same time, our promotional team – dressed in lab coats – distributed the “Knowledge makes you hungry” jute bags throughout Heidelberg.

The bag’s contents: for the moment, nothing but a mathematical riddle. But whoever solved it correctly and came to the Mathematikon shops on the opening day with the solution would get their bag filled. The campaign attracted plenty of visitors to the Mathematikon, and branded bicycle taxis also collected pedestrians in the vicinity.

At the Mathematikon itself, visitors enjoyed mathematical brain games at a touch terminal, binary code drumming with the solo drummer from the “Lion King” musical and checkout conveyor belts printed with formulas. Besides the unique travelling exhibition “Mathematics hands-on” and various experiments with the research circus, two “science slammers” – both with degrees in physics – endearingly impressed on visitors the idea of mathematics and its meaning for the Mathematikon.

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